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self-portrait, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

As a travel photographer, Nilla Palmer’s work includes street and documentary photography. Nilla strives to capture images that etch in people’s minds to narrate a story without words, and is a true but raw representation of reality.

Global solo and group exhibitions cement Nilla’s photographic career, whilst also working as a professional Technical Writer – although her love for photography started as a child.

Nilla interchanges between film and digital cameras and because the images are candid, a flash is rarely used. Minimal post-production retains the moment’s visual integrity and provides evidence of the socio-cultural contradictions surrounding an underdeveloped country.

To purchase any photos check the Pricing page for sizes, use the Contact form, or email Nilla’s Photography for your professionally printed photo, canvas, or if you require a special size.

For genuine travel stories and more images check the Image Earth Travel blog, where Nilla captures the world with words and lens.

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